Mother Earth

Written by founder Christiaan de Jong

From as far as memories can go, I have had strong feelings of connection and care for the planet we live on. This incredible vessel floating in black space, yet giving us the joy and vivid feeling of sunlight and blue skies. Granting the conditions for life not yet discovered anywhere else in our galaxy. These feelings were soon faced with the notion that the beauty of it all was being deteriorated by its own inhabitants. The top species in the food chain, who depend on these unique conditions as much as any other species, on the entire ecosystem, the water and the air, lost touch with our very own mother earth. This conflict saddened me deeply from childhood and spurred the urge to engage in activism in order to instigate change. Itmanifested in the creation of electronic music with a subtle message of awareness from the early 90s. Deep emotional electronic music was built around recordings of scientists who deliberated on and prophesized the climate issues we face now clearer than ever.

In October 2004 a special encounter occurred as the one-time chauffeur of dr. Jean-François Rischard, the European Vice President of the World Bank at the time. On the way to a speech he was giving at a corporate event, it became clear his talk was not going to be from his World Bank entity, but from a book he wrote on his personal account titled “High Noon; 20 global problems, 20 years to solve them.” His talk was to inspire to think long term and to be part of the solution for global problems, instead of being part of the problem. I received his book on the ride back with a personal note and through having fundamental talks with him about transition I felt there was hope for the planet and felt inspired to work towards being part of the solution.

There may be 20 core global problems, and how we tackle them will determine how well the Earth will fare for generations to come.


Another big inspiration came from the futurist and social engineer Jacque Fresco (March 13, 1916 – May 18, 2017) whom I discovered through the Zeitgeist movie series. His writings and lectures on sustainable cities, energy efficiency, natural resource management, cybernetic technology, automation, and the role of science in society are amongst the most ground breaking. The Venus Project he invented opened my mind for broader thinking about the functioning of global systems and his socioeconomic system which he referred to as a “resource-based economy” keeps being an inspiration.

From this childhood intuition, along with these encounters and sources of inspiration, I have directed these lifelong feelings of connection and care that will always be there, to the drive to steer my skills and those of Studio DBLY to be part of the global solution. Gradually working towards designing and elevating meaningful projects that contribute to realising a sustainable future and a healthy planet.